IMG_7879Journalist and beer-lover, Megan Eaves was drinking craft beer in its earliest days on the patios of her home state of New Mexico. As a travel writer for Lonely Planet, she’s drunk beer in some of the world’s most far-flung places, from Peru to Kazakhstan, and has a particular affinity for East Asian beer, as well as the amazing and storied beer scene in London, where she lives.

Brew Travel started as a blog exploring the many beers that she encountered as she travelled the world and has grown into a combination of passions. Megan leads tours of London’s breweries and pubs, as well as writing and presenting about beer and travel for media like Lonely Planet and CNN and Deserter (under her South London pseudonym AWOL Yank).

Listen below to an interview Megan did on the Great Destinations radio show for Lonely Planet about global craft beer.