a quick welcome to brew travel

i’ve always been a beer lover, and being from new mexico, we have a wealth of great breweries doing fantastic things with craft beer. so it was always something i just enjoyed. recently, with the wildly wonderful invention of untappd, i have begun to draw the interest of and, well, pretty much annoy most of my twitter followers with my excessive check-ins and beer ranting.

beer and writing
beer and writing go together.

so it was suggested i start this blog. it’s been something i’ve considered for awhile and finally decided to do.

as a traveller and a travel writer, i find that beer is just a continuous part of my travel life. unlike wine (which i also love and drink a lot of), beer can be brewed anywhere. the ingredients list is fairly short and easy to procure. at a rudimentary level, the basic act of brewing beer is quite simple and doesn’t require a huge investment in crazy materials or time (as wine does).

i think it’s because of these reasons that beer is a pretty universal phenomenon. i have yet to encounter a country that doesn’t have at least one locally brewed beer. most of the time, there are breweries by the handful churning out interesting beers that uniquely reflect the local climate and culture.

for me, beer is a great way in to a culture and a place. plus, it’s fucking delicious.

cheers, y’all.


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